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Serving Shelbyville KY and the surrounding areas with window tinting and windshield film services. Call 502-232-8006 today!

Emily’s Window Tint Inc. will install and deliver superior products and services of exceptional value to its customers. We are the leading window tinting and automotive styling center by exceeding customers expectations with knowledgeable and friendly service, in a clean, comfortable and well maintained high-tech center. Reach out today and let Emily walk you through the simple process. Call Emily for details and make an appointment.

Emily “The Shade Queen”

Emily installs ceramic window tint on windshields to stop most of the harmful UV rays to you and your car. There are many more benefits to tinting your vehicle’s windows including:

Increased Comfort and Safety

Reduced Heat and Glare
UV Protection
Shatter Protection

Enhanced Aesthetics and Security

Privacy and Security
Sleek Appearance

Protects Interior

Prevent Fading and Cracking

Reduced Eye Strain

Prevent Fatigue
More Comfortable Viewing

Certified Window Tint & Film Services

Window Tint

If you’re looking for ways to improve the comfort, safety, security, and appearance of your vehicle, window tinting is worth considering.

Windshield Film

Emily installs nano-ceramic windshield films to keep your vehicle interior cool and comfortable—no matter the season or conditions.

Featured Google Reviews

Great service 🙂 No bubbles, wrinkles or peeling

Stoopy McGoopy (Stoopy) Avatar Stoopy McGoopy (Stoopy)
January 11, 2024

Emily did a great job on my new Ford Mavericks. I had her install ceramic tint on the windows and upper brow on the windshield. The heat reduction was dramatic. It was like driving in a sauna, even with the AC full blast. After the window tint install, it was much more comfortable and I could drive with the AC on low even on the hotest day. It look great also.

Rob McDowell Avatar Rob McDowell
January 11, 2024

Emily did an excellent job tinting my RAV4 windows. I would recommend her for other jobs - 10/10 service!

Brittany Ashford Avatar Brittany Ashford
January 11, 2024